Friday, June 27, 2008

Will GPS on the iPhone work without a mobile network?

As we know so far, the iPhone 3G will be equipped with a so-called A-GPS receiver. In general, this is a good idea, because assisted GPS enhances the performance of a regular GPS receiver.

But there are sources (Wikipedia, arstechnica) that claim that there are some solutions that won't work at all without being connected to the assistance server. So, will the iPhone's GPS work without a network?

I say: yes, it will! Assuming, the iPhone uses Broadcom's BCM4750 single chip solution, it is very likely it will, because the chip offers an "autonomous" mode that needs "no assistance by network". So, as long as no one messes around on the software backend, the iPhone's GPS should work fine without being connected...

Yet another insight on TomTom (and others) on the iPhone

I have recently found an article in the iStockAnalyst that, again, makes a few points clear about the SDKs license terms.
Yet again, reasons for Apple having included paragraphs 3.3.7 and 3.3.9 into the SDK terms and also reasons why this might not bother TomTom are brought up.
To make a long story short: Apple tries to protect itself from being accused by anything GPS related that might come up. And yet again, why should TomTom not be able to negotiate their own agreements with Apple?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Business Week confirms Broadcom GPS chipset to be inside iPhone

Business Week recently confirmed some of the new components being used in the 3G iPhone. One of them will be a Broadcom GPS chipset. Although Business Week does not mention the exact type of chip, it seems likely that it will be the BCM4750 mentioned before.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Yet another hint 'pro' 3rd party GPS apps

Have a look at the iPhone 3G App Store preview. It reads "These applications have been designed to take advantage of iPhone technologies such as Multi-Touch, the accelerometer, wireless, and GPS."

Well, how could Apple forbid GPS apps on the iPhone on the one hand and then on the other offer GPS apps through App Store?

Well, unfortunately, we still have to wait another three weeks until we will possibly know ;-)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Ray of hope for 3rd party GPS

According to the Dallas News Tech Blog, it seems reasonable that depending on interpretation, 3rd party companys still may publish applications for navigation on the iPhone.

GPS Business News indeed has very reasonable arguments for having navigation apps being developed on the iPhone (or why else should you be able to choose "navigation" on your intents as a developer?).

As Google Maps has similar restrictions, maybe they just added the restriction in order not to get in conflict with google?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Unnamed GPS Manufacturer Scared Of iPhone GPS

Well, this article is kind of funny. Why should one be scared by something that already existed? GPS enabled Phones like the Nokia N95 or N82 are available, the N95 for over a year now.

And, with recent news, it seems that Apple put some nice obstacles in the ways of those who are to develop navigation apps on the iPhone... so nothing to be scared about. Unfortunately :-(

iPhone 3G features Broadcom GPS Chipset

According to gigaom, it seems very likely that the new iPhone features a Broadcom chipset for its GPS capabilities. As this is the only AGPS solution offered by Broadcom, the BCM4750 seems to be the chipset that is built into the iPhone.

The Broadcom chipset offers up to -157 dbm assisted acquisition and -162 dbm tracking sensitivity, outnumbering the SiRF III chipset with -155 dbm resp. -159 dbm.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Innawork's alcheMo ports J2ME to iPhone

Innawork has developed a software solution that has the ability to port J2ME to native iPhone code. It is called alcheMo. According to alcheMo's technology, an application can be ported to iPhone using the Java codebase.

At the moment, the beta program is over and there will be a commercial release. The likelihood of a free version is rather low, but we'll see what's coming up.

Setback for TomTom (and other 3rd party GPS soft.)

According to arstechnica, the iPhone's SDK agreements limits the use of GPS. This might sound like a drawback at first, but in the end one has to realize that most likely nearly all applications have to run using a "jailbreaked" iPhone (because they won't be approved by Apple).

I don't think that access to the phone's GPS device will be restricted by any other means than some agreement ;-)

So, as bad as it seems for TomTom, I still have faith that someone still will develop some great navigation apps ;)

Sun enables Java on iPhones

Arstechnica reports that Sun is going to release a Java virtual machine for the iPhone in summer 2008.

If this Java virtual machine included JSR-179 (location provider API) and JSR-75 (file system access API) that would enable the iPhone to run fine applications such as TrekBuddy.

TomTom announces app. for iPhone 3G

This monday, Reuters reports that TomTom already has a version of its navigation software running on the iPhone and plans to sell it to customers.

Let's just hope the pricing will be reasonable, because Google Maps (that is shipped with the iPhone) may be nice, but is pointless on onroad navigation and depends on an internet connection, making it also useless abroad.

You can find the whole article right here.


Hi there! ;)

This blog is intended to report everything interesting about the new iPhone 3G and its GPS functionality.

The main reason I started this blog is to have sort of a link list to everything that is interesting to me about using GPS on the new iPhone, but hey, why shouldn't it be useful to you, too?

So, basically, have fun ;)

xGPS - open Project enables GPS on iPhone

...and iPod Touch.

The guys from xGPS did an interesting job enabling GPS on a first generation iPhone (altough one has to admit that the hardware looks a bit creepy). ;-)

Still, they're going the right way. I just hope that they won't drop everything after the iPhone 3G already includes basically the same functionality.

I'm looking forwart to tracklogging 'n stuff on the iPhone ;-)