Friday, June 27, 2008

Will GPS on the iPhone work without a mobile network?

As we know so far, the iPhone 3G will be equipped with a so-called A-GPS receiver. In general, this is a good idea, because assisted GPS enhances the performance of a regular GPS receiver.

But there are sources (Wikipedia, arstechnica) that claim that there are some solutions that won't work at all without being connected to the assistance server. So, will the iPhone's GPS work without a network?

I say: yes, it will! Assuming, the iPhone uses Broadcom's BCM4750 single chip solution, it is very likely it will, because the chip offers an "autonomous" mode that needs "no assistance by network". So, as long as no one messes around on the software backend, the iPhone's GPS should work fine without being connected...

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  1. thats amazing but i want to ask how can you solve this to use it likean autonomus GPS without network assistance??

    :P (i meen to dont have to pay that much money to the network company and the second reason is if you wanna use it in the mountain for instanse or far away from the networks coverage