Wednesday, July 23, 2008

App Store everything but smooth

PosiMotion recently reported that their G-Spot has been updated to version 1.1. Anyway, in App Store, all you get is version 1.0.
G-Park is available in version 1.1 (also in App Store), but you won't get any updates through iTunes.
Doesn't look like working as intended to me...

Speaking of iTunes: this morning, the App Store on my iPhone didn't report any programs to be updated (and I don't remember that it was the case at any time in the last few days). In iTunes itself, there was a whole bunch of apps that offered an update. Why not on the iPhone client?!?

It seems that Apples new services (like App Store) run everything but smooth at the moment. Have a look at Mobile Me for example.

Well, at the moment, we can't do anything else but wait, but I still hope the waiting will end soon ;-)

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