Wednesday, July 16, 2008

DMN Tech Team claim Garmin on iPhone

Dallas Morning News' Jim Rossman recently stated that also Garmin had plans about bringing navigation software to the iPhone. He also said that the tracking was "very accurate ... as I drive". Well, it isn't. Maybe he is also wrong about Garmin?

First about that "very accurate" GPS inside the iPhone. The blue spot he talks about can be seen in the Maps application only. So far, no other navigation software like this is known.
That spot is only "accurate" because a technique is used that snaps the dot to the road and follows it. Ever made a turn?
Also, the latency is much higher than anything else I ever used that could display a map (but I will do a comparison some time in the near future).

Then about Garmins plans on the iPhone. Why should they compromise their own plans about the nüvifone by developing navigation software for their direct competitor? At least, doesn't make any sense to me...

So, no Garmin on iPhone in my opinion. But I'm waiting for Jims answer to my email ;-)

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