Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Geopher Lite brings geocaching to iPhone 3G [Update]

Geopher Lite is a geocaching application for the iPhone. It can connect to in order to select a cache location nearby.

While I don't do anything related to geocaching, I find the programs website, which actually is a blog, very interesting as it unveils a bit of the process of making an application available in App Store, so go and have a look!

Geopher Lite costs 2,99 Euros. The developer also plans features like GPX file handling for future versions.

[Update] I had a look at the Geopher Lite blog. The Application was submitted on July 9th and became available online today, two weeks later.
I can't tell wether this was fast or not, but given the fact that the deadline for App Store submission was July 7th, maybe there are still some (awesome?) applications waiting for approval?

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