Friday, July 25, 2008

iPhone OS 2.1 beta released, adding GPS features?

Gearlive reports that Apple has released OS 2.1 beta 1 along with a new SDK version for development purposes. The SDK is said to add additional Core Location features like heading and speed.
This might be a hardware feature of the GPS chipset as well as a software feature (just by calculation of differences between two locations). Unfortunately, Infineon still hasn't sent me any data on the Hammerhead II upon my inquiry, so I can't tell.
What I can't tell either is what is to come in the new SDK as it isn't available for me through Apples developer program yet. Also, the Core Location framework still shows old version numbers.

I'm curious if there's a way now to determine the origin of the location data.


  1. Thanks for your blog. You've gathered quite a lot of additional information I've not seen elsewhere.

    I'd be interested to know if you would consider these new features will make car navigation more feasible?

  2. Well, in general, I think the iPhone is capable of car navigation.

    I don't know yet what's coming up in OS 2.1 and its SDK, so I can't tell for sure.

    Anyway, I just hope that the GPS chipset is capable of some features that e.g. could improve accuracy to make it more reliably using car naivigation.
    An example: If the chipset was capable of WAAS/EGNOS, you could enable this feature by default when the iPhone is plugged to a power source (which is what you obviously want to do while using car navigation), improving accuracy quite a bit.

    Let's just hope I'll get the info from Infineon soon...