Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New navigation software available

Unfortunately, no turn-by-turn, but a new free piece of navigation software still is available. It is called "Here I Am" from Arboretum Software.
It is very simple. All it does is gathering your location and then sending a link to Google Maps via email. That's basically it.

This software might be also useful to people who who simply want to record where they have been. Just send an email to yourself and there you go.

There is another point about this app. It can display the accuracy of the positional data, so maybe you want to play with it while walking about in order to get a better eye for it.

Funny thing though: there is another Application named "Here I am" available, doing exactly the same but being from another developer. Yeah, we all like the App Store....


  1. Honestly speaking, I don't think it is fair to call such a application a navigation application.

    Maybe it has something to do with location but that is all.

  2. Well, knowing your own location is the first step in navigation. Well, at least it is in my opinion.

    Okay, it maybe worth discussing if it is really navigation or not; in my opinion it is. ;-)

  3. I agree, knowing your own location is the first step in navigations. However no more than that.

    For me navigation means knowing my location and guiding me to a new location. Something like: route planning plus.

    Than again, looking at the SDK is seems that this is not allowed. (art 3.3.7). I guess we have to wait for Apple to release their own true navigation software. Or is the TeleNav software already available????

    I am curious to know your opinion :).

  4. Well well, good ol' SDK agreements. Those apply to everyone who downloads and uses the SDK that is available trough the Apple Developer Program.
    At this time, I see no reason not to make a spechial agreement that voids 3.3.7. This truly wouldn't be the first time big companies get better conditions than everyone else (have a look at my other post).

    One might consider this as wishful thinking, but both TomTom and TeleNav spent quite some money in developing turn-by-turn navigation applications and also they are big companies who quite have some power (or should I say they can also afford high class lawyers? *g*).

    TeleNav already promised that their application will be available on the iPhone. So, yet another hint that the SDK agreement paragraph we all know doesn't seem to be a big deal anyway. Also, on my inquiry, TeleNav didn't deny anything.

    Only thing is that we have to wait :-( Yes, bugs me too, but at the moment there's nothing we can do about...