Wednesday, August 20, 2008

iNavX: a chart plotter for the iPhone

I have to admit that I've somehow missed iNavX until now, because it is available trough the US App Store at this time.

Anyway, iNavX is a chart plotter for marine charts. Not only plots it your position on the chart in real time, it also provides navigation info like heading, speed and so on. Waypoints are also supported, of course.

The maps used are being downloaded from the NOAA servers but then stored locally on the iphone. There is no way to download your own maps for usage on the phone.

It's nice to see that, maybe in the future, there might be navigation apps for outdoor activists, that use topographical maps. Perhaps something like the Ozi Explorer CE, who knows?
At this time, it seems likely that you will have a "pair" of applications, one to prepare the maps and data on your computer and the other to display them on your iPhone.

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  1. Hi All,

    I am Andy a developer of WATER MAP Navigator, a simple and user friendly Cartographic GPS that is showing all NOAA S57 charts all together, just download the application and you will have the whole US East Coast with you, Ofcourse you can also access other places like US West Coast, Great Lakes, US rivers, the functionalities are afew but enough for a basic navigator.

    I am now working to add tracks and other interesting functionalities.

    I will look to Ozi explorer and let you know soon if I am capable to do something similar.