Monday, August 4, 2008

More navigation software coming up

There are a few new navigation apps available trough App Store. It seems as if now was the time of "speedometer applications". There are three applications available, Speed, SpeedBox and Speedometer. They just display your speed (which is calculated by means of two positions and time difference because the API doesn't have the bearing- and speed features yet), that's all.
I wonder why not any of those feature average or top speed display or mileage or whatever. But I think we'll see this in a future update.

Furthermore, there is a new compass, similar to G-Spot, but looking nicer and also featuring all the common data fields you might know from your GPS receiver (like altitude, odometer, max speed and so on...). This pushes the iPhone a step closer to common GPS receivers like those from Garmin.

Unfortunately, there still is no sign of turn-by-turn...


  1. i know there was programs for old iphone to download offline maps for viewing on iphone. do you know of anyway to download maps and store them in a program for iphone 3g to use for data free navigation. would make a good article if you could figure out a way. It seems like it would be fairly simple, gps when it had no data still finds your location, just it doesnt have a map to display it on, so if we could put maps on to iphone 3g it should be able to do both.

  2. Indeed, there were some ways to have offline maps on your iPhone. To make it short: there are NO ways to have offline maps on your iPhone 3G at this time.

    One reason is that iPhone OS 1.x and 2.x differ too much to simply compile a 1.x software for 2.x in order to migrate it.

    You bet that I'm waiting for an offline navigation application and the iGPS readers will be the first to know, but there are no applications like this at this time.

    There still might be some other ways to have offline maps on your iPhone, still, I haven't tested any of those yet. One reason for this is the need to have your iPhone jailbroken, and I don't want to convince anyone to do so.