Friday, August 22, 2008

Path tracking with Snail Trail

Snail Trail is another path tracking app for your iPhone. You can suspend tracking (by hitting the home button) and later on continue. It also features waypoints that can be added. Export is done by mail, you can hit the "email coordinates" button and a mail with a Google Earth KML file attatchment will be sent to the mail address provided. It's priced 0.99$

It's basically the same as Path Tracker, which I do like more for its looks.


  1. Have you used it? Are we useing the same app/version...?

    It does not record a path by itself, you have to hit a button for each location to add to the track.

    And it does not export a KML file, it sends an email with the coordinates on text format that you have to cut and paste into a KML file yourself.

  2. I'm sorry. I have to admit that I just sort of copy-pasted the iTunes Store descriptive text.

    Thank you for your input, highly appreciated! I'll try to write more clearly whether I've used an application or not.