Friday, August 22, 2008

Six weeks of iPhone 3G: a balance

So, it has been six week since the launch of iPhone 3G and App Store. What did developers come up with until now?

Some time, when I browse the App Store for new applications, I thing "oh great, just another speedometer app". After an initial enthusiasm things became boring somehow. Now, that's because there are
  • 6 Speedometers and
  • 8 "Mail my position" apps.
So, that's what's good on the iPhone? That's what people want? Speedometers and mailing where they are? I don't think so, not at all...

Well, competition may be good, but this is a little too much, I think (If you want to have a real choice, have a look at "tip calculators"! There are like a hundred of them or so...).

There are also good examples of proper GPS applications, and maybe one more might not hurt anybody. Those are:
  • Geopher Lite (Geocaching app)
  • GPS Kit (Does almost all a proper GPS does, e.g. a Garmin geko)
  • GPS Compass which is sort of a light version of GPS Kit ;-)
  • Path Tracker and Snail Trail (which do tracking and export)
We (or at least I) want more of that! Not just another stupid Speedometer...

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