Thursday, August 21, 2008

Turn-by-turn-Navigation on the iPhone!

Well, don't get over-excited, but there really is such a software! It is called FreeMap and if you speak hebrew and live in Israel, this might be really cool for you. If you don't it still might show you what is possible if you just don't care about the SDK agreements and you warranty ;-)

There is a Wiki that says something about Cydia and sorce, I guess this is about installing their beta version on the iPhone 3G. Unfortunately, my hebrew isn't that good, so I don't have a clue...
Unfortunately, the source isn't working at this time, so I can't even try it.

A demo video can be seen here.

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  1. Thanks for you mention on our gps solution. Except for the Freemap , another software for iPhone call xgps will support our cable in a near future. and bring your hope , the real time navigation to iPhone 2.0. This is not able to be done by SDK as apple limited the GPS to a period like 10sec between update , while Holux GPS can output at a speed of 1sec.

    Please keep in touch.