Friday, August 15, 2008

Will TomTom be available soon?

gigaom reports that TomTom, again, said that their mobile navigation app is ready to roll. They say:

“We have made our navigation system run on the iPhone; it looks good and works very well,” a TomTom spokesperson wrote us in a statement. “We will have to look more closely to Apple’s strategy before we can say more about what kind of opportunities this will bring us.”

Well, TomTom, don't look, just do it! ;-)

In other news, not only TomTom and Telenav, but also Garmin and Magellan are said to be interested in the iPhone. Garmin say they "don’t have any announcements regarding the iPhone at this time". Small wonder, considering the nüvifone.
But still, Turn-by-turn is said to arrive this year! Some issues about the SDK are also mentioned in this article, so go and have a look ;)

TeleNav seems to be working on an iPhone version of their software since the SDK was released and were able to create an application that works quite well on the iPhone.
I don't know how long it takes to develop an application as compex as TeleNavs navigator, but maybe the problem is just that the SDK was released to late for navigation software developers to come up with a solution in time (on Launch of the iPhone).
We're just a month away from the launch of iPhone 3G, so we should just relax a bit ;-)


  1. I do not think Apple will allow any turn-by-turn navigation on the iPhone before they launch their own navigation application.

    Think they see big money in navigation and they want to keep this themself.

  2. The question is: is there a navigation software from Apple?

    There have been rumors about one, but that's it. However, TomTom has its software ready to go.

    So, just a thought, why shouldn't Apple collaborate with TomTom, sell their app as the "Apple turn by turn nav solution for the iPhone" and make an agreement with TomTom to share profits?

    Sort of, Apple and AT&T already do so (or at least did with the 1st gen. iPhone). AT&T provides the cell phone infrastructure and Apple gets a share of the profit made. Apple didn't build a cell phone network themselves, not even did they create their own cell phone provider.

    Creating a navigation application is not quite easy, espechially if you do so for the first time.
    Besides, Apple still needs digital map data. I don't think they could use Googles mapping data because Google has agreements with e.g. TeleAtlas and NAVTEQ, and I don't think that Google was allowed to share this data with Apple.
    So, Apple also has to sign contracts with those map providers...

    TomTom already did all of what is mentioned above. So, in sharing profits with TomTom, Apple could make money with a navigation application that didn't cost them anything (more or less...) instead of spending quite a bunch of money on their own project.

    No, I don't see a navigation software from Apple yet. We'll all see what it will be as soon as it launches but until then I don't think it will be an Apple (-only) app.