Wednesday, September 10, 2008

[Update] No news! - Is it good news?

So, I had a look at the new OS 2.1 SDK. As long as the Core Location Framework is concerned, there is no news. At least according to the documentation, nothing has changed and espechially no new features have been added.
This might be due to a delay in publishing or perhaps in restrictions (maybe the registered and paying developers already have the information?), but it also seems likely that it might have been dropped from the 2.1 release (like the server based notification framework).

Anyway, it's not all said and done, so let's just keep calm and wait for Friday and the release of iPhone OS 2.1 to the public. If there were changes (improvements) in the Core Location framework, we might see updates to some of the navigation apps until the end of September.

Update: I've forgotten to mention that there was no change in the SDK agreement either... :-(
But still, it's not Friday yet.

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