Wednesday, September 10, 2008

So, big day was here...

Apple has released the new iPhone SDK, that belongs to iPhone OS 2.1, to the wider public. Unfortunately, the reference documents that are available online haven't changed yet, so it is still kind of uncertain if the new navigation features said to be in 2.1 are really there.
Anyway, I'm already downloading the SDK and have a closer look to that later on.

Beside that, iPod 2.1 has been released already right after the event yesterday, while iPhone users will have to wait until Friday. Will there be a mass-update on navigation apps on Friday? While there - might - be some handy new features in the Core Location framework, I still doubt that all of the developers are eager to release new versions on Friday. Then there also is the reviev process that usually leads to more or less long delays which could also prevent that, even if all the apps affected would be submitted right on time.

So, stay put for a little closer look on the new features...

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