Thursday, October 23, 2008

Yet another candidate for turn-by-turn navigation...

...and yet another "Coming soon" is 3DVUs Navi2Go. A nice feature seperating them from others like TeleNav is using Google Earth (or similar) satellite images for their maps, thus giving you a quite nice impression about your surroundings any maybe making it easier to use it (3D Buildings seem to be included as well).

But then, similar to all the others, you have to have an internet connection to use it, which renders it almost useless while being abroad (and having to roam).

Still, the suspense continues. On the one hand, there (still) is the SDK agreement that forbids turn-by-turn, on the other hand there are all those companies that claim to have software ready or at least ready soon...

I hope we'll be surprised soon ;-)


  1. Navi2Go is already being sold by Sprint ( Orange UK, Alltel, Verizon and others in the USA, UK, Germany and the Netherlands.

    Roaming will no longer be an issue soon. 3DVU is coming out with a "route cut" via its web-to-mobile site.

  2. It may be available for purchase for Windows Mobile customers, but it seems that there is no iPhone version (yet).

  3. Navi2Go for iPhone is out next month. Its featuring new 3D aerial photography AND lined-map navigation with 3D landscape elevation, both at the same $9.99 a month.