Monday, November 10, 2008

Turn-by-turn as soon as next month?

A commenter on my blog wrote this:

"Navi2Go for iPhone is out next month. Its featuring new 3D aerial photography AND lined-map navigation with 3D landscape elevation, both at the same $9.99 a month."

According to the Navi2Go website, their services are available at pre-subscription, at least one year in advance.

I don't know where this comment comes from, maybe an employee of Navi2go? And how do you get Navi2go to your iPhone? Jailbreaking comes to mind...

Well, we'll see. Next month ;)


  1. I am afraid Nav2Go is not the one who decides this, but Apple. So, I am afraid it is a hoax.

  2. Well, yes and no.

    I'm afraid it's a hoax, too. The 3dvu website is down at the moment, but a few days, they still said "iPhone coming soon".
    Then firmware 2.2 is said to be released soon. Maybe there are some changes we don't expect yet...?

    Well, no one knows for sure until it's there...

  3. I had a e-mail from them that they say their software will be availbale next month for the iPhone. If you look at the other sites that are selling their products now you would believe they are not a hoax.

  4. Navi2go emailed me and sayed their software will be out next month. And no it not up to Apple to decide I afraid it is up to Navi2Go to decide if they sell their product. It is up to Apple if they sell their product via the app store. They have taken on TomTom in Holland in won so don't count them out and don't count them as a hoax.

  5. Hope you're right. Well, it's still not "next month" and this next month will have anoter 31 days...

    Anyway Xroad promised their G-Map for "early November 2008". Been looking at a calendar recently? ;)

    And yes, it still is up to Apple to decide if the product is being sold or not, as they have to approve it for being released to the App Store. If 3dvu and/or the competitors want to have any chance to be successful, they pretty much have to... jailbreaking is not an option (in this context).