Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Navionics Viewer, now available to US customers

"You can see your GPS position, tap the screen to zoom in and out, scroll the chart, query objects, find your favorite marina or ski hut with their phone number, find the trail best suitable for your skill level or your hottest fishing spot, and so on."

This is what they say on their website, and unfortunately, that's it. Navionics will bring you Maps. All you can do is look at them and have your current position displayed by a red circle on the map. That's it. To me, this is very disappointing.

Maybe the focus were naval users, at least you get a very strong impression that they were.... the "land" maps are not usable to hikers or bikers or whoever. Maybe that's the point, but I still don't get why there is nothing more to navigate other than displaying your position? You can't even set a destination and plot a course.

Although the Navionics packages have a greate map coverage each than the Charts&Tides packages, I wouldn't buy them at all, altough both cost approximately the same. Not only will you get "real" navigation with Charts&Tides, but also will Navionics' packages cost 99 $ after the introduction phase. No thanks.

Navionics should do their homework first. In the end, their application offers nothing more than the "Water Map Navigators" at this time for a multiple of the price. So why should anyone want to buy something like this?

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