Thursday, December 4, 2008

Why is there no GPX import?

There are a lot of navigation applications on the AppStore and even most of them deserve the category. Somehow.
Well, unfortunately, there are quite too much that do too little (in my opinion). For example, have a look at all the tracking and compass tools. Then there are all those "car finders" and all the other finders that will e.g. find Startbucks or Target stores for you.

On a proper GPS or navigation device, you'll have it "all in one". For example, there are POI (points of interest) databases built into most GPS receivers which can be expanded easily. Most of the manufacturers use proprietary data formats, but there also is the "uber" format GPX, which is open and well known. Beside that, there are converters from virtually any format to GPX and vice versa.

So, why is there no application that imports GPX data? For example, you could create a hiking route on your favourite PC application (like OziExplorer, Fugawi or TTQV) and then export it to the iPhone. You wouldn't neccesarily need a map, the route itself would be quite helpful...

Offline maps are no issue, as well as the import of data. Just look at the "Charts&Tides" maps or apps like "Air Sharing". So, there should be no technical issues...
Maybe there is no need for such an application? Or maybe, the developers just haven't realized a need for such an application or feature. I have! ;-)
It also might be a fear of the developers, being rejected because of the "no turn by turn" agreement section of the iPhones SDK...

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