Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Xroads G-Map delayed, no sign of 3dvu yet

Well, obviously Xroad finally realized that it ain't november no more, so they changed their announcement on the Q.T. The website now reads "G-Map will be available in mid of December, 2008." instead of "early November" (which it did, in fact, still on December 1st).
There is no sign why this delay might have happened, maybe it is AppStore approval related, but most likely it is not.

Beside that, there's nothing new about 3dvus applicaton yet. Last month, they promised to have it ready "next month" which is December. But as December just has begun, we still can wait a little longer easily.


  1. Xroad (West Coast version) was briefly made available on the iTunes store on October 20th, and was removed, presumably by Apple. It has not reappeared, so not sure what the deal is...

  2. I got an email from xroad saying that g-map for iphone will be coming out next week for North America only
    "Our target release schedule is in this week for north america version.

    For other coverage like Australia and Europe, we'll release in next year step by step.
    The official release schedule will be mentioned in our web site."

    I also asked about voice navigation and this was the response.

    "For the future update, we should keep watching APPLE's strategy.
    Basically, it'ls avaialble to have voice guidance technically...however, it's just excluded for the application thru app store based on APPLE strategy"