Saturday, January 24, 2009

CoPilot and other turn-by-turn news

First of all: no 3DVU software yet. The biggest change I have seen so far is an Apple Logo on their website written "iPhone" next to it, but that's basically it. Don't expect to have their software on the iPhone in the near future. Or in the far future. Or ever, whatever.

I already mentioned that X-Road's G-Map has hit the Apple Store. Unfortunately, it seems that no one ever bought it yet, or if so, no one wrote a recfcension yet. That's a pity, espechially because it makes me think (and maybe also X-Road) that there is no need for this software which could lead to have their European version cancelled.
Funny thing though: they say that the European version of G-Map is for sale in the App Store, which it isn't.
Check out the videos!

On the CES, ALK Technologies demoed their CoPilot software running on an iPhone. Although I almost gave up, I still hope that this indicates some sort of development that will end up in something beyond just a spark of hope.

Remember FreeMap? The real-turn-by-turn-but-unfortunately-israel-only-software? Well, they are called waze now. The software looks much more mature than the first time I tried it. Unfortunately it is still in hebrew and I still quite don't get it. Too bad.

So, as you can see, there sort of is no news to turn-by-turn on the iPhone. :-(

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