Wednesday, February 18, 2009

GPS Kit 3.0 available, including awesome features

GPS Kit 3.0 is out and it's got some real awesome features. Those include also (but not only):
  • offline caching of Google Maps tiles
  • usage of the proximity sensor to switch off the display (saves energy while carrying the iPhone in your pocket or something like the Otterbox Defender)
  • export and, more important, import of waypoints and waypoint sets (making GPS Kit the only "real" GPS application to feature waypoint import!)
  • a ruler for distance measurement (very cool feature!)
  • ...and many more improvements
In my opinion, this makes GPS Kit the best GPS application available in App Store at this time. Beside that load of awesomeness, there still are some features I'd love to see soon:
  • usage of own maps (Google Maps are nice but have too many missing paths/trails)
  • direct upload (waypoints/maps) via WiFi (e.g. via FTP or WebDAV)
  • using waypoint sets as routes
I'm quite confident, the guys from Garafa LLC won't let me/us down ;)

If you haven't tried out GPS Kit yet, NOW would be the right time to do so. GPS Kit can be found here.

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